10 Terrific Reasons to shop at Lens & Shutter

1. We truly believe that we have the gentlest, delightful, most enthusiastic and most knowledgeable staff in the business. This allows for a super relaxed and stress-free buying environment for you, be you a total beginner or Pro shooter alike.  We will always make you feel most welcome

2. We aim to introduce at least one new, innovative and market leading product each and every month. Recently we launched Sirui Tripods. Currently, we are launching Nisi filters and F-stop Bags, the latter coming to Canada for the first time – through L&S of course!  Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on what’s new at L&S.

3. It can be hard to find the $5000 that you want for that perfect camera set up you’ve always dreamed of. Not to worry!  We have fantastic financing plans available from Desjardins.  You can finance $5000 worth of gear with No Payments for 3 Months then 12 monthly payments of just $438!  Get the gear you want now!

4. L&S is proud to work with Mack Warranty to provide our customers with the very best extended warranty coverage in the business. A Mack Warranty will give you total peace of mind with their No Deductible, No Depreciation straight forward plans.  Quite simply: You break it, They fix it!

5. We’re usually among the first in the country to put new products up to our site. We love the latest new gear and feel it’s important for you to have access to the very best information we can provide as quickly as possible.  We also run a great blog, L&STV and an active Social Media presence for you to stay in contact and be informed.

6. L&S is extremely proud to work with some of BC’s best companies. Both BCAA Members and Flight Center Customers can benefit from the collaboration that we have between our organizations.

7. We work directly with our product manufacturers to provide educational and promotional opportunities and information for our community to engage with the brands that we love! 

8. Our Price Guarantee is to protect you and provide confidence that you will always get the best price available. Our business depends on you, our customers, so should you ever have a question on pricing, we encourage you to contact us - whether that's in person, over the phone or via email

9. We love nothing more than to get involved with our local community, whether this means working together with local photographers and photo clubs on specific projects, on an ongoing basis with our ambassador program, or even in non-photo related initiatives. 

10. We take Trade-Ins of Used Gear and Consignments against the purchase of new gear which can really help with the finances of that new rig! Go ahead, give us a call and will give an indication of value straight away.  What’s more, your trade in could be worth an extra 12% as we offset the taxes against your new purchase! Check out our used section here.