Step by Step Multiple Exposures with Film

Step One

Drop your aperture by one f/stop for double exposures, or drop it two stops if you plan to do four exposures. Underexposing will give you the best results!

So for example: If you’re using a 100 ISO film, set the camera ISO to 200 ISO. If you’re using 200 ISO film, set the camera to 400 ISO.

Step Two

Choose your subjects carefully. Balance things out by layering a “busy” image (one that has a lot of details) with one that’s simpler.

Step Three

Take the first shot

Step Four

Click the film roll release button on the bottom of your
camera and begin to rewind your film.
** For a split double only turn it halfway
** For a full double turn it once fully

Step 5

Take the Second shot (Considering things like adding texture or bold colours etc..)

Step 6

Rinse and Repeat


Try a ‘Doubles’ film swap with a friend for more exciting results! Once you’re done shooting a film roll, make sure not to rewind it all the way and pass it on to your friend. Don’t forget to mark the film to indicate the first frame so that the succeeding shots won’t overlap with each other.


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