First look at Fuji’s newly announced X100F

As the fourth generation in Fuji’s popular line of X100 rangefinder-style cameras, the X100F has borrowed some of the features of the X-Pro2 and X-T2 while staying true to the familiar feel and aesthetic of its predecessors.

It has the same 24.3 MP CMOS X-Trans III sensor, the improved NP-W126S battery, a joystick, and the ISO settings have been integrated into the shutter dial. This last feature took a few minutes to get used to but after that it was a really great feature! Sliding the ring around the shutter dial up, you are able to toggle through your ISO, like the X-Pro2.

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The layout of the buttons being on one side and the viewfinder moving over to the left means that the camera is easily held and, to a large extent, operated with one hand.





The exposure compensation dial has an added ‘C’ setting which means you can go to +/- 5.




The Menu has been reorganized to be in line with the X-Pro2/XT-2 and we found them to be very intuitive – the My Menu feature made it easy to have the settings most important to us all in one place.

There are 325 AF points with roughly 40% of the imaging area covered by phase detection points and the joystick made it easy to move your focus point. The Viewfinder was a significant improvement also – a lever at the front of the camera allows you to toggle between an optical and electronic viewfinder giving you the best of both worlds for manual or automatic focusing. This lever also can be configured as a custom button like the X-Pro2.

The X100F comes with the same 23mm F2 lens and, like the X70, the focus ring can be used as a control ring when on single or continuous shooting mode to adjust white balance, film simulation, or the new digital teleconverter.

While on the subject of teleconverters, Fuji’s new line of teleconverters are automatically detected when affixed to the X100F so you don’t need to go through the Menu settings to tell the camera that it is attached. But don’t worry, the previous generation of teleconverters still work on the X100F and you can just go into the camera’s menu to change mode as before. There is a digital teleconverter built into the camera which will give you a 50mm or 70mm ‘zoom’ which, although essentially a digital crop, yielded some nice results. It’s worth mentioning that this is only available for JPEGs.

If you are making the move from a previous X100, it is worth noting that the battery has been changed to the NP-W126S Battery, which is the same as the X-Pro2/X-T2 cameras According to Fuji, this will give you roughly 270 shots with the electronic viewfinder on standard mode or 390 with the optical viewfinder.

The X100F does not offer 4K video, but instead full HD video and autofocusing while recording. Finally, the continuous shooting mode has been improved, allowing for 3, 4 or 5fps in AF-C/liveview or 8fps in just AF-C mode.

All in all, we are really excited to have had the opportunity to use the X100F and feel that Fuji has really not disappointed! They have offered a great deal of new functionality and quality improvements while staying true to the X100 line’s roots.

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