Tips for Better Selfies this Valentine’s Day

Hi everybody! Caitlyn here, I work in the photofinishing department at our Victoria location and I have my own photography business Caitlyn Chapman Photography.

It’s that time of year again and I’m noticing it already- photo gifts! An extremely popular gift for Valentine’s Day is a nice photo of yourself, perhaps in a frame, for your significant other to lovingly gaze at whenever you’re not together. Maybe you have a favourite photo of the two of you together- this makes a great gift! Or, bring it to the next level by secretly making a great photo of yourself that they have never seen before! My first recommendation would be to hire one of the many fabulous local photographers in your area to take amazing photos of you- many of them have mini session specials on this time of year.

If this simply isn’t in your budget, you can take a photo yourself! Below are 10 tips for creating the best selfie for your sweetie!

1. Don’t use your cell phone. Ok, ok, if you must, check out a selfie stick such as the ProMaster Selfie Stick Compact Camera Boom, or a Joby GorillaPod Hybrid, which will allow you to stand your phone up on a table, or secure it to a fencepost, treebranch, just about anything! This will make it a lot easier to get the shot! A ProMaster Selfie Remote allows you to operate the phone’s shutter cordlessly.

2. On that note, use a tripod or tripod-like device for stability and ease. I’ve seen you trying to prop your camera up against textbooks and running shoes to get just the right angle! Get a tripod! Gorillapods are nice and compact and fun to use (Hybrid, Micro-250 SLR Zoom with Ballhead), or you could opt for a small, lightweight, tripod.

3. Get a remote shutter release! There are several wired or wireless options available for DSLRs that would make taking photos of yourself and your partner a lot easier!

4. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, you’ll have to use the ten second timer function. Or, many new cameras have WiFi connectivity, so if your camera has WiFi, use your camera app on your phone!

5. Find the light. Window light or an overcast day outside is most flattering, so make time to do this during the day!

6. Use a focal length of at least 50mm or more for a more flattering angle of view, compression, and bokeh.

7.  Shoot from eye level, or slightly above as it is a more flattering angle.

8. Male or female, practice good posture! Tummy in, shoulders back, neck long, yet relax!

9. Remember your chin! When we smile, or try to look tough or saucy, we naturally pull our chins into our necks. Nobody really notices in real life, but in a 2-D photo it can be unflattering. This is why I always tell my models to ‘turtle:’ push your head & chin OUT, not up, towards your camera. It feels goofy, but in a 2-D photo, it defines your jawline and looks great!

10. Come print at Lens & Shutter, or Order Online 🙂  We can help you get your selfies printed and looking their best, with a selection of frames to compliment them! And don’t worry, we’re always discreet with those saucy selfies!

Here’s my selfie!:

I used a Canon 50D with a 50mm lens attached, set up on a tripod. I sat right next to a window to get the most light possible, though it was already getting late in the day so my ISO was around 800 to get the shot. f/2.8 gave me a nice blurred background and lots of light. You can almost see that I have my arm stretched out- that’s because I’m using my wired RS-80N3 shutter release! I also made mine black & white only because of personal preference.This shot took me five minutes to make, and I’m sure my sweetheart would love to get a copy for Valentines Day!

We see it all the time – printed photos make the best gifts! Come on in and see for yourself!

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