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Welcome to Lens & Shutter

The friendly Canadian source for Digital Cameras, lenses, tripods and many more photographic accessories. We are also a full service print lab and offer passport photo services.



A Message from Lens & Shutter's Owners, Roy and Julia

We took ownership of Lens & Shutter in October 2013, with the intention to have fun and create something meaningful.

With the passion we feel for our business and how photography and video can impact the world, you will discover many opportunities where you too can be inspired and have fun in the world of photography and video.

It is our belief that through photography there is the opportunity to see the world differently, finding the sacred in the ordinary, seeing the unseen and capturing it.

It is a practice and a way of connecting with the outside world, it is an opportunity to open people’s hearts to the beauty of our planet.

This is why we are committed to Lens & Shutter, not only to restore the business to its former glory and beyond, but also to evolve it to give it a bigger platform - recognizing that our passion goes far beyond selling cameras and accessories - to bring greater awareness to our community of photographers and videographers that through this artistry we can bring more joy, love, compassion and inspiration to this incredible world.