Mack Worldwide Warranty was established in 1938, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be protected if it needs service. Our Extended Warranty is designed to give the customer the best total protection for their equipment for the life of the Extended Warranty. You will be protected from expensive repair bills and treated with the highest level of customer service. 


Plan Options

 International Diamond Coverage

Diamond warranties include standard coverage as well coverage for malfunctions due to accidental damage from handling (ADH). This includes malfunctions due to liquid damage that were the result of an accident. All types of accidental damage, including liquid damage, will be covered at the discretion of Mack Camera.


  • Service Contract starts from Date of Purchase
  • Covers Body only, Body & one lens, Lens only, Video equipment
  • Professional Equipment covered at no extra cost
  • Service Contract covers Impact and Sand Damage
  • Service Contract covers Normal & Abnormal Wear and Tear
  • Accidental and Unintentional Abuse
  • Liquid Damage

This level provides coverage for equipment for manufacturer defects that can result in the loss of operation. The Mack Camera warranty will cover parts and labor at no additional charge. Please remember, this warranty does not cover equipment which has been misused, tampered with, modified or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, grit, impact or lack of proper care. Accessories are also not covered.


  • Service Contract Starts From Date of Purchase
  • Must Have Manufacturer's Warranty of 90+ Days
  • Separate Lens Contract Available
  • Professional Equipment Covered
  • Transferable
  • Service Contract Covers Manufacturer's Defects Only on Registered Equipment
  • Service Contract Will Cover Only Manufacturer Defects on LCD Screens

If you would like more information, or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Mack Warranty?

 Mack has been in business since 1938. We provide additional types of coverage for both manufactures defects and accidental damages. We are the only warranty provider that has its own repair shop on site, as well as customer service and administrative offices.


Where can I buy a Mack Warranty?

Mack has over 300 retailers that sell  our warranties, either under the Mack name or private banded. If you can’t find a dealer near you please call us at 800-252-6225 and our customer service department will help you.


What are the different types of warranties you have?

Mack has our Regular or Standard extended warranty. This warranty extends the manufacture warranty for x amount of years, it covers what the manufactures covers only. It starts at the end of the manufactures warranty and you can buy this warranty as long as there is still at minimum of 90 days left on the original manufactures warranty.

These warranties are for New equipment only

The Mack Diamond Warranty or (ADH) Accidental Damage warranty starts from the day of purchase from the retailer. It covers all manufactures defects, PLUS anything that can happen to the unit (except, fire, theft and loss)

This warranty must be purchased within 30 days of buying the unit and must also have a minimum of a 90 days manufactures or dealer warranty.

How do I register my unit?

Please go to our web site, then go it register your warranty and follow the instructions on the web site. If you’re buying the unit as a gift, please register the warranty in the end users name (also try to have the store put the end users name on the receipt or put down gift). Also once you set up your account all the warranties you purchased will be  in your log in.

How do I obtain service?
 Go to the  log on  and find the  unit that needs repair and follow the instructions on the site. If you live out of the country email us at and you will get a reply in 24 hours.

What happens if the unit can’t be fixed?

If Mack and or the manufacture can’t fix your equipment or the cost of the repair makes it not reasonable to fix, Mack will replacement will be made with the same or equivalent model based on current market value at the discretion of Mack. A money settlement might also be offered at Mack’s discretion.

Who does the repairs?

In most cases all repairs are sent to Mack for repair (we are a repair center for most major bands) or in some cases we use local service centers. If you warranty covers in home service, we try to find a manufactures authorized repair shop in your area or country.

Is there any out of pocket expenses?

All parts and labor are covered 100%, the only out of pocket expense would be  the shipping of the unit into Mack Camera ( if need be)  or the deductible on the Drone warranty.

What happens if I sell my unit?

The Mack warranty is transferable for no fee, but you must let Mack know so we can make the changes on the warranty.

Does Mack sell our information?

No Mack believes that your privacy is very important and because of the way you register your information is safe.